ビスポーク(オーダーメイド)シューズはひとつとして同じ物はありません。 たとえそれがオーソドックスなデザインであったとしても工房や職人ごとのこだわりが詰まっています。


Bespoke shoes are entirely unique pieces only for you.
Even if you order classic design,
It can be made with the special ideas and concept by each shoe makers.

Also bespoke shoes are influenced by your personality in addition to the personality of shoe makers.
It means bespoke shoes cannot be delivered to you as finished product and will be grown by you and your life.


My bespoke shoes is made by the traditional and classic way.
I respect the skills and knowledge which all great predecessors have accumulated in the long history. On the other hand, I am alway looking for the better way for the best shoes for you.

渡邊 朋行

Tomoyuki Watanabe